Luxury Confectionary Packaging Design

Brand Design & Packaging Graphics
3 weeks
A library pack of four chocolates with six variations in the sleeve.

Bournville is the known to be the most popular brand of dark chocolate within the Indian market. The challenge was to create a premium pack of four Bournville chocolates that could be customised for gifting on various occasions.

The design of the pack had to be simple, sophisticated and sleek that resonated with the primary packaging design and brand values of the Bournville chocolate.

We came up with a Library pack that was finely embossed with cocoa beans to make it analogous to the existing tone of the brand.

The outer box of the library had a groove placed to make it ergonomic and convenient to slide out the packs of Bournville

The simplistic border around each inner boxes of the pack denoted the flavors while maintaining a visual harmony

A customizable sleeve gave way for crafting different messages so that the premium library collection could be gifted for several occasions and to share different messages.

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